Boehner Woos Dimon

Jamie Dimon, the rock star CEO of JPMorgan Chase, had a few drinks with House Minority Leader John Boehner on Capitol Hill last week.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Boehner is trying to capitalize on the president’s harsh rhetoric—and proposed taxes—to woo Wall Street back into the Republican camp and help fill the party’s 2010 coffers.

Mr. Dimon would seem to be a tough sell. He and the president both hail from Chicago, and are close enough that some were predicting Mr. Dimon might be named Treasury secretary in the Obama administration. But as Mr. Obama has ratcheted up his rhetoric against the big banks, The Journal marshals some preliminary evidence that big banks might be shifting to the right.

And Mr. Dimon has spread his money around in the past. He’s given to Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Chris Dodd (and Congressman Charlie Rangel), but he’s also given to some conservative Republicans like John Sununu, John Cornyn and Mel Martinez.

The F.E.C. is still processing the latest individual Senate donations—so it’s too early to tell exactly how he’s been donating lately—but if the local Senate race is any indication, Mr. Dimon hasn’t soured on the White House just yet.

In September, Mr. Dimon donated $2,000 dollars to the campaign of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, whom the White House is backing for reelection. Since then, an unabashedly pro-Wall Street candidate, Harold Ford Jr., has emerged—in spite of the president’s best efforts—to challenge Ms. Gillibrand. And as, it would happen, Mr. Dimon gave $2,000 dollars to Mr. Ford’s Senate run in Tennessee in 2005.

But, in a Times story earlier this week, Mr. Dimon reiterated his support for Ms. Gillibrand, saying she’s “hard-working, constructive and understands the issues.”


Boehner Woos Dimon