Bridgewater mayor among Lance’s vigorous supporters

BRIDGEWATER – Springing no Tea Party surprise on fellow Republicans, Bridgewater Mayor Patricia Flannery today enthusiastically endorsed the re-election of U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton), one among several allies unleashed by Lance as part of a first-day effort to obliterate right-leaning renegades from trying to gain traction against him.

A longtime pro-life activist and former aide to conservative Congressman Mike Pappas, Flannery this afternoon stood with the freshman moderate congressman on the Somerville leg of Lance’s 7th District re-election launch.

Unlike Flannery, Lance is pro-choice.

But the mayor of Somerset County’s sprawling center piece town, who tomorrow plans to officially name a footbridge over Route 22 after a township soldier killed in the Middle East, said the congressman’s fiscally conservative record makes him an easy choice for her support.

“You don’t have a more fiscally conservative legislator than Leonard Lance,” Flannery told in her makeshift office on Route 287. “We’re talking about a former state senator who filed a lawsuit against Gov. Jim McGreevey over deficit spending. He called New Jersey state debt the Sword of Damocles hanging over the state.

“I am enthusiastically endorsing his re-election,” the mayor added. “Leonard Lance understands the United States Constitution and American history, something I sure patriotic voters appreciate.”

Virtually unknown Tewksbury businessman David Larsen launched his GOP Primary candidacy last Friday night to Lance’s right with the question, “Where has he been?”

Bridgewater mayor among Lance’s vigorous supporters