Camara Calls for Paterson to Stop Running

The chorus is growing louder.

Assemblyman Karim Camara of Brooklyn, joins Rep. Steve Israel of Long Island and State Senator Bill Perkins of Harlem, in calling for Governor David Paterson to stop running.


“The fact that Governor Paterson and members of the State Police, including the Superintendent of the State Police, have acknowledged having direct contact with an alleged victim of domestic violence at the hands of a senior staff member is very troubling to say the least.  


“The possibility that this contact may have included deterring an individual from seeking an order of protection is beyond serious and must be thoroughly investigated.  The direct contact with the victim and the allegation of interference show a very disturbing lack of judgment and brings into question whether the Governor is suited to lead the state during these very troubling times.  It is clear that it would be in the best interest of the people of the state of New York if the Governor would end his campaign for election.


“Further, if the Governor in anyway interfered with the investigation or used the power of the office to deter a victim from seeking justice, than the right thing to do is to resign immediately.

Camara Calls for Paterson to Stop Running