Carroll, for a change, likes a budget address

Fourteen-year incumbent Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Township) did something new today.  He lauded a budget address.

“I got to cheer a speech for the first time since I’ve been down here,” said Carroll, who is considered one of the most conservative legislators in the state and who said he has voted against all but one budget since he’s been in Trenton – including most from Republican administrations.  

“They were too profligate, and they did not meet the pension requirements,” he said.

Democrats, of course, had a very different reaction to the address, accusing Christie of going back on his previous calls for bipartisanship by unilaterally enacting a controversial school aid freeze.

“Gee, that’s a surprise,” said Carroll.  “He gets up and says the unhappy truth that we’ve been hoodwinked, bilked, and sold a bill of goods for years.  Some of them are the perpetrators.”

Carroll, for a change, likes a budget address