Cimino would defer to Greenstein or DeAngelo

Mercer County Freeholder John Cimino said he would defer to Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) or Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-Hamilton) when it comes to the 14th District state Senate seat – but he wouldn’t rule it out if either of those Democratic Party lawmakers didn’t run.

“Listen, I think we have to see how things shake out here,” Cimino told “You never give up an opportunity, but at end of day, we have two very good, very qualified assembly people who have done a lot of great things for the district.

“Obviously you’re open to anything in life,” added the son of former Assemblyman Skip Cimino and a rising star in the Mercer County Democratic Party. “I wouldn’t say no, but i wouldn’t say yes either.”

Cimino wouldn’t single out one over the other.

“Both bring a lot of great qualities to the table, Wayne being from Hamilton, clearly that’s strength. You could argue that it’s a Hamilton-based seat. You’d have to give strong consideration to a township person. But remember, too, Linda has seniority and is a tenacious worker You can’t discount the relationships she’s built over the years.”

Cimino would defer to Greenstein or DeAngelo