Columbia Journalism Review Has No Time For Silliness

The Daily Beast‘s Tunku Varadarajan recently posted lists of the right and left‘s “top journalists.”

The Columbia Journalism Review‘s Brent Cunningham does not approve. He finds these lists “silly”:

For starters, there are very few actual journalists on either list. Rather, the lists are full of pundits and activists and opinion-pushers of various stripes, and the handful of true journalists who are included have mostly all transcended their humble reporter status to become, well, something more. Christiane Amanpour, for instance, is a journalist but also a media celebrity; Steve Coll writes important books and magazine articles, but he is also president of the New America Foundation. In other words, their “influence” is about something more than just their journalism.

That’s fine, but one wonders if they would have made Tunku’s list without those extra flourishes.

Silly, maybe. But recent posts on the CJR blog include “BREAKING: Stephen Colbert Reads Cat Fancy.”

Columbia Journalism Review Has No Time For Silliness