Corzine aide says Christie lacks ‘grasp of facts’

The post-election hostilities between Gov. Christopher Christie and his predecessor, Jon Corzine, continue. 

After Christie’s appearance on CNBC earlier today, Corzine’s aide, Josh Zeitz, said that the new governor “has acquired neither good manners nor a strong grasp of the facts.”

“He confused a structural budget with an operating budget, incorrectly asserting that the state needs to shave $11 billion from a $29 billion budget in FY2011 — which is decidedly not the case,” Zeitz said. “He claimed that Jon Corzine grew government, when in fact, Jon Corzine was the first chief executive in six decades to actually shrink New Jersey’s public workforce and state spending.”

Zeitz disputed Christie’s claim that the state has lost $2 billion in revenues, saying the figure is closer to $450 million, and that the state has not made a contribution to the public employee pension program in ten years

“In fact, Jon Corzine committed over $3 billion in state money to the system — more than did his predecessors in the prior 14 years, combined,” Zeitz said.

“Gov. Christie claimed to have made ‘hard choices,’ enacting over $2 billion in spending freezes, when in fact, Jon Corzine had already announced close to $1 billion of the same freezes in late December and early January.   He said that the federal government needed to stop printing and spending money, but announced in the same breath his intention to continue accepting federal stimulus dollars,” said Zeitz.” He derided tax cuts but conveniently forgot to mention that his calls for higher NJ Transit fares constitute a new tax on the middle class; he also forgot to mention that his plan to liquidate the full excess surpluses of over 400 school districts will trigger property tax increases in the coming fiscal year.  But, hey, after just one month in office, he can’t be expected to get everything right.”

Corzine aide says Christie lacks ‘grasp of facts’