Crime Waves: ‘A Champagne Cork and a Carton of Tropicana Orange Juice’

Kashmir Snowdon-Jones–a 21-year-old “sometime model and increasingly well-known Manhattan party girl”–has been charged with identity theft and grand larceny, reports the Post. She apparently stole credit card information from a former friend:

The blond beauty, whose family claims to be descended from British bluebloods, allegedly used the stolen plastic to charge takeout burritos and Domino’s pizza and buy a pair of $800 leggings, bathing suits and ballet flats on visits to the designer-clothes site, according to a source.

Responding to the Post via email, Snowdon-Jones wrote, “LOL there’s nothing to write about there is no story.”

This appears dubious.

“She may have the face of an angel,” writes the Post, “but authorities say this city society gal has the heart of a thieving little devil.”

Elsewhere in Post coverage of angelic criminals: Manhattan gym-goers have fallen prey to a collection of locker-room thieves, including “angel-faced beauty Kristin Schultz, a 31-year-old parolee with three larceny arrests, two burglary busts and multiple drug charges on her rap sheet.”

How do Schultz and her ilk work?

The sneaky snatchers often come in dressed like regulars ready for a workout. They frequently use stolen credit cards to buy one-day passes at bigger gym chains like NYSC. The pass allows them access to multiple outlets, and they hit as many gyms as they can until the pass expires.

Once inside the locker rooms, the thieves quickly scout around for gym members with expensive bling. Fancy watches are a primary target, cops said….

Some of the thieves can quickly bypass combination locks by jamming thin pieces of metal into the devices.

One female suspect who got nabbed stunned investigators by showing them she could open 10 locks in three minutes.

Others, perhaps less invested in the sneaky element of snatching, use bolt cutters.
Glamour and crime also collided in a drunk driving incident outside Tiffany’s. Raphael Ospina, an off-duty cop, has been charged with DWI and vehicular assault after crashing his car into the jewelry store’s facade early Saturday morning. 
The Post reports that Ospina’s brother Daniel (a passenger) suffered broken ribs, and had this to say about the accident:

Daniel said Raphael is known around the neighborhood as a cop who likes to party….

Asked if his brother had ever before imbibed before getting behind the wheel, Daniel said: “I’m sure he has. He must have. I don’t know for a fact.”

According to the Daily News, “a champagne cork and a carton of Tropicana orange juice were spotted inside Ospina’s car.”
In other crimes of fancy places, a Park Avenue cantor is accused of stealing thousands from his mother-in-law by claiming he would buy her an ambulance in Israel. According to the Post:

Benny Rogosnitzky, 36, the cantor at the ritzy Park East Synagogue on the Upper East Side allegedly deposited a $132,500 check from his then mother-in-law with Brooklyn-based Magen Israel Society.

The charity is run by Rabbi Saul Kassin — the leader of the nation’s largest Syrian Sephardic Jewish Congregation — who was indicted in the massive money-laundering scheme that rocked political landscape of New Jersey last year.

The Magen Israel Society took a $10,000 cut then gave the rest back to Rognosnitsky in installments.
And the Daily News offers a list of “famous mobster hangouts” of yore, as well as their recent histories. Currently they are a cigar shop, “a fancy shoe store,” and a Starbucks.
Crime Waves: ‘A Champagne Cork and a Carton of Tropicana Orange Juice’