Crime Waves: ‘First He Robbed, Then He Ate’

Daniel Ignacio has confessed to setting the fire that killed five of his roommates and fellow Guatemalan immigrants in Bensonhurst. He said that he was drunk and fell prey to “demons or devils”—a “satanic fire-slay bust,” per the Post.

Ignacio had helped rescue several of the building’s residents, making his confession all the more bewildering to survivors. But he has a history of confusing behavior at crime scenes, according to the Daily News. In 2002, he was arrested for burglary:

He was caught in a nearby building on 18th Ave. after stealing a purse, a comb and a pen from a young couple’s apartment, Browne said.

The landlady of the building yesterday remembered the incident.

“First he robbed, then he ate,” Maria Lombardo, 69, said.

The couple who lived in the apartment “had food on the stove, and when the cops came, we found him sitting there at the kitchen table eating leftovers. I said, ‘Son of a gun, what right do you have to be here?’ He was drunk and mumbling. It was 2:30 in the morning.”

The Times says this weekend’s fire was the city’s deadliest in almost three years. Ignacio has been charged with arson and five counts of second degree murder.
Meanwhile: The court heard medical testimony yesterday in the trial of the cops accused of sodomizing Michael Mineo with a baton. Dr. Syed Ahmed testified to Mineo’s injuries, and said it was “highly unlikely” that they could have been self-inflicted, as the defense has claimed—”It would cause intense pain and you could not proceed,” Ahmed explained. Bernie Madoff’s victims don’t like the way restitution is proceeding. The Upper West Side super with a history of child molestation (“Super Perv“) has lost his building keys.
And Queens can’t get enough in-school violence. The teacher who pitted his fourth graders against one another in a wrestling match had ordered previous students to punch a classmate, reports the Daily News; and the Post says a middle school girl has been arrested after punching out her principal.
Crime Waves: ‘First He Robbed, Then He Ate’