Crime Waves: ‘He’s a Rebel’

Face-slashing former state senator Hiram Monerrate feels he should not have lost his post. He feels the Senate had no business expelling him. Reports The Times:

“The Senate claims it has inherent powers to do what it wants with regard to its members,” [Monserrate lawyer Steven] Hyman said. “We claim that’s wrong.”

The counsel for the attorney general’s office, which is defending the Senate against Mr. Monserrate’s lawsuit, told the judge that the claim that the Senate could not remove one of its own members was “a breathtaking argument,” especially considering that every other state has a process for expelling legislators.

“Breathtaking argument” wouldn’t seem to bode well, but Monserrate remains sanguine. He still has his supporters–like himself, and some other guy:

“Ultimately, I believe justice will prevail,” Mr. Monserrate said outside the courthouse.

One of his supporters, Rolando Bini, said: “I like him. He’s a rebel. And every once in awhile you need someone like him to shake things up.”

Monserrate’s rebellious nature manifested itself in a refusal to do community service, writes the Post:

Expelled state Sen. Hiram Monserrate shamelessly blew off all three of his court-ordered counseling sessions and has barely begun his 250 hours of community service — putting him in the cross hairs of furious city officials looking to revoke his probation, The Post has learned….

Monserrate has not undergone a single minute of domestic-violence counseling and has performed just six of his 250 public-service hours — visiting a Salvation Army office one afternoon, sources say.
Governor Paterson wants to hold a special election on March 15th to fill Monserrate’s senate seat.
Meanwhile, a former employee is accusing rich people Lisa Maria and Philip Falcone of sexual harassment. William Gamble, the couple’s sometime house manager, says that they used homophobic slurs, and that Lisa Maria drunkenly groped him in St. Barts. Writes the Daily News:

“She touched me, and I drew back and away from her,” Gamble told the Daily News Thursday, adding that she then said he needed a “good f—” to turn him straight.”

The unwelcome invasion of his pants ended, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit says, with Falcone slugging the house manager three times in the gut when he protested.

The Post adds that “she hit him ‘forcefully enough to leave deep bruises on his abdomen,'” according to the suit. In addition, the room that the Falcones provided him had previously housed their pet pig.
And there’s racist graffiti in Chinatown, for some reason. Reports the Daily News:
“Black Workers Go Home” has appeared along Bayard and Mulberry Sts. at least three times this month, sources and witnesses said. The Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the graffiti as a possible bias incident….
“There aren’t that many black people in Chinatown,” said Ed Xu, 24, selling eyeglasses at Mott Street Optical. “I am surprised to see it. It should be erased immediately.”
Crime Waves: ‘He’s a Rebel’