Crime Waves: ‘It Happens’

Larry Seabook’s alleged corruption has left his fellow city council members “jittery,” reports the Post:

There’s a feeling of “disappointment that these issues continue to pop up,” said Councilman Leroy Comrie of Queens, who, like Seabrook, is a Democrat.

“Hopefully, this is the last one,” he said.

The Times, meanwhile, considers Seabrook’s fictitious $177 bagel. Where might such a bagel be obtained? And what would it involve? The city’s most extravagant bagel options appear to top out in the $25 range, until Steven Pipes of the Le Parker Meridien Hotel presents a creative solution:

Mr. Pipes proposed a menu addition called the Larry B. Bagel Special: an H & H bagel with cream cheese and scrambled eggs, served open-faced with a third of an ounce of white Alba truffles, which cost $6,000 to $10,000 per pound. At $177, would anyone really order it? “Absolutely,” Mr. Pipes said. “Especially if it’s a politician.”

But the bagel is hardly the only colorful element in Seabrook’s history: There is also the secret divorce. The Daily News reports that he divorced his wife in 1993 and didn’t tell her—continuing to live with her, file joint tax returns with her and co-sign on loans with her for another three years. Her side of the story:

Ex-wife LaVerne Seabrook, 64, told the Daily News yesterday that her one-time spouse–now charged in a seven-year run of greed and corruption–was basically a nice guy.

“He’s a politician,” she said outside her modest Bronx home. “It happens. Do I believe it? No. When we were together, he was honest.”

Aside from the secret divorce.

In other ongoing stories, police are now questioning a supect in last month’s Upper East Side jewelry store murder. He became a person of interest after he was found in possession of some of the stolen jewelry.

And Michael Bautista, accused of attacking a cop, walked out of Bronx criminal court after being arraigned as Marcial Sosa for driving with a suspended license. Reports the Daily News:

It’s unclear how Bautista, 22, duped authorities into believing he was Sosa….

Cops are now looking for the escaped prisoner, who is described as a 6-foot, 180-pound Hispanic male, with brown eyes and black hair.

Crime Waves: ‘It Happens’