Crime Waves: ‘Never Leave Your House Under Any Circumstances?’

Karen Schmeer, a respected documentary film editor known for her work on Fog of War, was killed Friday in a Upper West Side hit-and-run. Three thieves had stolen Zyrtec from CVS, reports the Daily News, and were attempting to flee the scene when they struck Schmeer.

Errol Morris tells the Post: “I’ve known Karen for a very long time, and she was my finest editor…. She was immensely talented. It’s a huge loss.”

Mr. Morris, a man who has made a career of looking at individual lives and distilling a universal message, was at a loss. “I was writing to someone about what moral do you take from this? To look both ways when you cross the street? To never leave your house under any circumstances?” he said.
Authorities have caught one of the suspects and charged him with second-degree murder.
In the Bronx,”loony” local man Anibal Lugo made off with a police car after an officer left it idling outside a diner. Lugo made it all the way to La Guardia before Port Authority officers stopped him. The Post‘s account of the denouement:

He was apparently living out a police fantasy — dressed in an NYPD shirt and rubber gloves, with handcuffs dangling from his waist and a clipboard and police ID scanner he had taken from Robles’ vehicle.

At first Lugo, 48, who had a stack of $100 bills on him, said, “Oh, you got me.” But because of his dress, the PA officers asked him if he was a cop.

“Are you on the job?” one of them asked. Lugo said, “Yes.”

He later admitted he wasn’t a cop, and told the PA officers they did a good job busting him.

He has been charged with posession of stolen property, grand larceny, and impersonating a police officer.

Meanwhile: landlords and supers get creepy, from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side; a Bronx man does jail time–repeatedly–because of mistaken identity; and some guy in the Village keeps robbing sex shops and ice cream stores.

Crime Waves: ‘Never Leave Your House Under Any Circumstances?’