Crime Waves: ‘No Evidence’

Officer Kevin Maloney, the prosecution’s star witness, testified yesterday in the Mineo trial–a turn that the Daily News calls “the most dramatic moment of the trial and the biggest blow to the defense.” All three papers offer extensive accounts of his testimony detailing when and what things went into “Mineo’s butt crack.”

Maloney came forward after hearing that the prosecution was focusing on Alex Cruz rather than Michael Kern. Worried that Cruz was being wrongly accused, he contacted his union delegate and waived his immunity when testifying before a grand jury, according to The Times.

The Post seems distressed at the lack of police solidarity. “Blue Wall Falls at Sodomy Trial,” the paper writes. “A Brooklyn transit cop stared down three of his brother officers yesterday.”

Meanwhile, a Brooklyn cop who accused his precinct of fudging crime statistics was “committed to a psychiatric unit at Jamaica Hospital for nearly a week against his will,” according to the Post. Officer Adrian Schoolcraft says this was retaliation.

The Daily News tracks down some the citizens whose complaints in the 81st precinct were allegedly ignored in order to enhance the department’s figures. They include “A man who said he was beaten bloody and robbed–and then told by cops he was the victim of a ‘lost property’ case because he didn’t get a good look at the suspects,” and “an elderly man who said cops would not take a report when he was burglarized, saying there was ‘no evidence'”–despite the whole bashed in his door.

And in Queens, a fourth-grade teacher and an aide and have been charged with child endangerment after organizing a wrestling match between their students. The bout was arranged to settle a verbal dispute.

“Their teacher allegedly told one of the students that he should ‘take it out’ on another student,” said the Queens D.A., according to the Post.

Before dispatching the boys to the school nurse to address their injuries, the teacher supplied them with a plausible explanation: they were “to tell the nurse that they got hurt while bending down to pick up a pencil at the same time, prosecutors said.”

Crime Waves: ‘No Evidence’