Cunningham has no problem with McCann’s new job

State Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-Jersey City) has no problem with former mayor Gerry McCann’s new job as an inspector for the Jersey City Incinerator Authority.

“You know, the man needs a job,” she said.

Cunningham, a champion of “Second Chance” programs for convicts, noted that McCann – who served time in federal prison in the 1990s for bank fraud – got his first job at the Incinerator Authority seven years ago as part of that program.  McCann was laid off in 2004 but rehired a few weeks ago – which Councilman Steven Fulop said was payback for getting his family friend, Sean Connors, to drop a prospective council campaign against incumbent Bill Gaughan and endorse Healy. 

Fulop said yesterday that the hiring was especially egregious given the city’s dire fiscal situation and the 12-day furloughing of its workers. 

“I don’t see anything wrong with him getting a job,” said Cunningham.  “Is he the only person that’s been hired?  If he is the only person that’s been hired, and everyone has to go on furlough, then he shouldn’t have been hired.  But if they’re hiring people, then why is he singled out? “

Update, 4:35pm: Fulop said that he talked this morning to Incinerator Authority Executive Director Orin Dabney, who told him that McCann was its only hire for at least several months.

“I’m a supporter of the Second Chance program. I’m not a supporter of political quid pro quo,” said Fulop.


Cunningham has no problem with McCann’s new job