CWA, NJEA oppose Christie budget plan

The public workers unions whose gripes Gov. Christopher Christie today compared to his nine-year-old son’s use of the word “unfair” fired back this afternoon, arguing that the new Governor’s aggressive approach would prove counterproductive. 

The Communications Workers of America – the largest state workers union – accused Christie of name calling.

“The approach Gov. Christie articulated today reflects anything but statesmanship.  We do have a tradition of statesmanship in New Jersey — open dialogue with stakeholders, working together to solve our problems, sharing sacrifice and not resorting to name-calling.  Gov. Christie has rejected that tradition with his refusal to meet the women and men who do the public’s work, his vilification of us as blameworthy special interests and his failure to ask the wealthiest New Jerseyans to do their fair share,” said a written statement issued by the group.

New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) President Barbara Keshishian took issue with Christie freezing $475 million in school aid – forcing districts to spend their surpluses —  saying the move could have “unintended consequences for the future of our public schools.”

“Many school districts use the excess surplus funds from one budget year as revenue to support programs or property tax reductions the following year,” she said. “With this order, the burden is on the governor to ensure that he has adequate funding in his FY2011 budget to fund the public schools of New Jersey.” CWA, NJEA oppose Christie budget plan