De Blasio Wants Paterson to Stop Running

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio wants Governor David Paterson to stop running. De Blasio is the highest-ranking elected official in New York City to call for the governor to get out of the race. He also has strong ties to labor unions, which are an essential component in any winning election in New York.

Here’s de Blasio’s statement:

“The revelations of the past several days are serious and disturbing. We need an immediate and thorough investigation to fully understand extent to which government officials played an improper role in such a sensitive legal matter.  Regardless, given what we know already and the allegations that have been made, the Governor should end his bid for election.”

Paterson said he’s “listening” to what Democrats have to say. The chorus calling for Paterson to not run is growing louder. De Blasio Wants Paterson to Stop Running