Debi Rose Settles That

Randy Mastro’s lawsuit against City Councilmember Debi Rose and the Working Families Party has officially been settled, with Rose paying the W.F.P. more money for services they provided during the campaign. Notably, there is no admission that the organization did anything wrong.

Rose will pay the W.F.P. about $8,000 more, nowhere near the $1 million figure Mastro had touted in his suit.

Here’s the statement from Dan Cantor, the W.F.P. executive director:

Let me be crystal-clear: DFS did not undercharge the Rose campaign – or any other – by a single dime. DFS settled this case for one reason and one reason only: the enormous cost of battling a gigantic corporate law firm in a “nuisance” suit.

As this incredible shrinking case comes to a close – no million-dollar conspiracies, no massive fraud – there is only a penny-ante dispute over bridge tolls and some part-time campaign workers.

For now, we are pleased that we can return to the serious work of advancing “common-sense progressivism.” Stronger rent regulation. Living wage jobs. Energy efficiency and mass transit. Paid sick days. Lower property taxes on the middle class and higher income taxes on the wealthy. Nothing more, but nothing less, either.


Debi Rose Settles That