Dennison plans to run for Burlco Dem chair

Former state senate candidate Richard Dennison told today that he plans to announce a run for Burlington County Democratic chairman shortly.  

“I’ve been following the typical volley that’s been happening on your Web site, in the papers, in phone calls with friends,” said Dennis, a Florence resident.  “Our party has a huge vacuum of leadership. I definitely think there’s a huge constituency in the party that’s not being served.”

Dennison’s bid comes shortly after Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-Delanco), who had gathered significant support for his chairmanship, dropped out of the race.  Dennison supported Conaway, who has not elaborated on why he decided not to run.  

“I was a bit disappointed to see him bail out, to be honest with you,” said Dennison.  “Our party is in paralysis right now, make no mistake about it. I see so much potential in this county.”

The Burlington County Democratic Committee will pick its new chairman in June.  At least one other candidate, Riverside Municipal Chairman Gary Haman, is running for it.

The party has been in turmoil since the summer, when former chairman Rick Perr – a rising star in Democratic circles – was forced to resign over revelations about his involvement in a controversial PAC.  Since then, the party’s long-time vice chair, Alice Furia, has been the acting chair.  

Dennison, a lawyer whose family runs a local funeral parlor, unsuccessfully challenged state Sen. Diane Allen (R-Edgewater Park) in 2007.

Dennison plans to run for Burlco Dem chair