Elsewhere: ACORN Gone, Bloomberg Mum, Levy Dropped

ACORN is gone.

Bloomberg 2012 may be gone.

Karim Carama sizes up Paterson.

Paterson didn’t talk to Rahm about running.

David Paterson, on rumors: “[I]t’s even unfair to Attorney General Cuomo to raise his name here, because I don’t want him to be put in the same position I’ve been put in.”

Patersons’ entourage in Rochester.

Paterson should be applauded for hiring DJ.

Pollsters stopped asking about Steve Levy.

Rick Lazio gains.

Bloomberg doesn’t want to discuss Quadrangle.

He wants to be private about his money.

Bloomberg defends his campaign.

If only Colin Powell had Bloomberg’s wallet.

Most voters don’t know who Mort Zuckerman is, but that’s not an insurmountable obstacle, since he’s really rich.

And pictured above is a trend of public opinion polls, showing Cuomo’s commanding lead over Paterson.

Elsewhere: ACORN Gone, Bloomberg Mum, Levy Dropped