Elsewhere: Cuomo

Ben explains Obama’s relationship with God.

Andrew Cuomo accused Bank of America of securities fraud.

The accusation is the bank misled investors about the state of Merril Lynch, which it was acquiring.

BofA defends itself.

BofA stock is down 5 percent after Cuomo’s announcement.

David Paterson went after Cuomo, by name.

“Why do you think he’s staying out,” Paterson said of Cuomo.

Harold Ford’s comment about living “a block” from the federal courthouse was, in fact, a newspaper error.

Ford’s commute gets scrutinized.

Schumer’s fund-raising numbers are “off the charts” says Martin Kady.

Bloomberg defended a city employee who voted in Florida, and is receiving a tax break on her home there.

Michael Gianaris is profiled in the Chronicle, and talks about “power sharing.”

Googoos talk redistricting.

Greg Meeks and Malcolm Smith, involved in a “charity or cronyism?”

Joe Lazar gets support from Brad Lander and John Heyer.

Jim Gennaro is big at Sundance.

Viola Plummer (a classic story) is not over.

Sigh, fare hikes.

Elsewhere: Cuomo