Elsewhere: ‘Not Any More’


Stephen Colbert: “There’s nothing that they’ve got on you.” Eliot Spitzer: “Not any more.”

Andrew Cuomo has a hire approval rating than David Paterson among African-Americans.

T.P.M. notes that there is a chance there won’t be a backlash, if Cuomo runs.

Cuomo would “wallop” Paterson, says Hotline.

It’s Mellow time in Cuomoland.

Harold Ford hired Tammy Sun (and Davidson Goldin is getting married!).

Chuck Schumer gets a timely donation.

David Paterson wants to talk ethics.

His budget director wants to explain the $750 budget gap.

Dov Hikind: ““The fact is that almost all moisdos do not support Greenfield, and the question has to be why.”

Mike McMahon wants to make it harder for federal officials who break the law to collect their pensions.

Anthony Weiner, quotable.

Scott Murphy hangs out in Columbia County on Monday. Elsewhere: ‘Not Any More’