Elsewhere: Paterson Probed, Sampson Restrained

Gawker wonders if Harold Ford Jr. has paid taxes in New York.

Larry Seabrook lawyers offers this defense: “Most people get jobs through friends.”

The rumors about David Paterson’s personal life are “beginning to pale in comparison to the storm around Mr. Paterson’s dubious pick to build the Big Apple’s first casino.”

More on the federal probe of the Aqueuct deal.

Kevin Parker to Jeff Klein: “You want a piece of me?” More details: “Parker was held back by Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson and others. No blows were exchanged.”

Hiram Monserrate will file a federal lawsuit tomorrow.

Did Antoine Thompson vote for or against Monserrate?

Brad Lander tracks stalled development projects.

Sometimes, readers are frustrating.

Gatemouth: “Eliot Spitzer could not survive a sex scandal because he had made everyone fear him. David Paterson cannot survive one, because nobody fears him.”

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign consultant, Jonah Seiger, said Bill Thompson missed a chance to “nationalize” the mayor’s race [37th minute]. Seiger also said, “I don’t know who uses MySpace anymore.” [47 minute]

And pictured above is John Sampson and Kevin Parker, from shangoking’s Flickr feed. Elsewhere: Paterson Probed, Sampson Restrained