Elsewhere: Paterson

Here’s the AP story on Paterson’s crumbling support.

Saratoga’s Dem chairman piles on.

Maggie Haberman ID’s the woman in the Paterson scandal.

Paterson aide Denise O’Donnell resigned.

Harry Corbitt wants to talk with her.

Lawyer contradicts Paterson’s description of phone call.

Andrew Cuomo will investigate.

Gawker: The Times “handled this like a media assassin.”

Choire Sicha on Paterson’s phone call: “With what motivation would you do that?”

Wayne Barrett applauds the Times.

Larry Kudlow discusses his drug past.

Not everyone at Stonewall hated Harold Ford Jr.

Borough presidents, relax.

Eric Gioia goes to JPMorgan.

Dan Cantor moves past the law suit.

And here’s Bill Perkins, throwing cold water on Paterson’s election.

Elsewhere: Paterson