Elsewhere: Schumer

Chuck Schumer is below 50 percent in the polls.

His negatives are higher than his positives.

Here’s a graph of Schumer’s approval rating, according to Marist.

If Harold Ford can raise the money, “it’s impossible to see him not running.”

Rick Lazio goes after his opponent: Andrew Cuomo.

Here’s Jay Jacobs’ email, imploring Democrats to “avoid a contentious, divisive primary.”

About 84 percent of Charlie Rangel’s campaign spending went to lawyers.

Kirsten Gillibrand can’t get past George Pataki.

Pictures from Mark Weprin’s inauguration.

Video of Greg Floyd interviewing James Hoffa.

Arlene Hooper, William Boyland, Felix Ortiz and others got paid more then $30,000 for traveling to Albany.

Brian Foley’s challenger, Lee Zeldin, has a fund-raiser.

What’s Oliver Koppell running for now?

Jimmy Vielkind keeps watch on who’s praying in Albany.

Eric Massa has $643,973 on hand.

March 23 is the special election for Simcha Felder’s seat.

Ed Rendell invokes Michael Bloomberg in explaining why the KSM trial should be held at Guantanamo Bay.

And here’s a counter argument to Eric Schneiderman’s proposal: count people where they flush.

Elsewhere: Schumer