Elsewhere: The Johnson Fallout, Ira Stoll’s Lunch

Bob Hardt trashes The New York Times story on David Paterson and David Johnson: “[T]hese last two weeks have to be one of the lowest points in political journalism in New York City.” The story used “something out of the Willie Horton school of photography.”

A Times reader asks: what’s the point of the story?

Reader Cret 75 said my piece “SEEMS MORE LIKE GOSSIP.”

Reader Lflor49 said rising through the ranks isn’t a story, and that The Times did a better job than me.

The Times story on Paterson and Johnson is prominently featured on the front page.

Rick Lazio makes the front page of another newspaper.

Russell Simmons beats up on bankers.

Harold Ford Jr. has a Google problem.

Josh Robins follows the Ford-Gillibrand vollies.

Yoda disagrees with Liz.

Gatemouth asks: “Who is a douchebag?”

Vince Leibell could go left, or right.

Max Abelson, saucy.

Kathleen Rice hires Tracy Sefl.

Mickey Carroll gets his numbers ready.

Ira Stoll: “The man who just may turn out to be the next governor of New York had lunch with me today in Midtown. No, not Andrew Cuomo, but the county executive of Suffolk County, New York, Steve Levy.”

Elsewhere: The Johnson Fallout, Ira Stoll’s Lunch