Facebook: Coming of Age

Today in Coming of Age and Social Networking: Facebook turns six, and teens don’t care about Twitter.

Facebook (“thefacebook.com”) launched on February 4th, 2004 as a network for Harvard students only. And the early days (c. July 2005)–how well I remember them. When the choice of a photo was high-stakes because you only got one, when the homepage was a static list of participating schools, when a little blue dude hovered always in the upper left-hand corner.

We members of the high school class of 2005 waited impatiently for our college email addresses, drafting “favorite music” lists in the meantime. We were horrible. Facebook was less horrible. Those were the days.

Today’s teens are savvier consumers of social media, however: they know what they want and will not be seduced by any old networking site. Twitter, most notably, fails to enchant them. Reports the Washington Post:

Victoria Kelley, 17, of North Potomac says that some of her friends blog, but fewer than before, partly because “maybe teenagers want more instant feedback from their friends.” Kelley says she blogged briefly a couple of years ago on LiveJournal.com, but found that “it takes so long to think about something interesting to write” and that daily life can sometimes be as ordinary as: “I went to school today, I did homework, I went to bed.”

“It takes so long to think about something interesting to write”: truth.



Facebook: Coming of Age