Gillibrand Might Be ‘Showing Her Stuff’ on Morning Joe

“I want to stir it up, Schumer!” hollered Morning Joe‘s Joe Scarborough in an interview with Senator Chuck Schumer today, conducted by video feed.

Mr. Scarborough always makes it a point to awkwardly assert that Mr. Schumer should replace the endangered Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, but the host also wanted to needle the senior senator about that other Senate race.

“We’ve got a new idea for you: Why don’t you get a fellow senator who’s a billionaire, and then you can fly his G-5 back and forth with him,” Mr. Scarborough said. “We’re talking about Morning Joe‘s Mort Zuckerman. What do you think about Senator Zuckerman?”

“To have a good strong partner is the best thing you can do,” Mr. Schumer said, adding that it took he and Hillary Clinton a year to forge a good, strong relationship. “As you’ve seen in the last couple weeks, Senator Gillibrand is showing her stuff. She’s a capable person, she’s a smart person, she’s a hard-working person. It takes awhile to learn this job. It took me my first year or two. She’s getting better and better.”

Ms. Gillibrand’s camp—after a year that’s had its rough moments in the public eye—appears to share the same opinion.

“I’m having lunch with Senator Gillibrand today,” said co-host Mika Brzezinski as they went to sign off. “So we’ll be reporting back. We’re going to have her on the show, Senator Schumer.”

Ms. Gillibrand has so far declined to appear on “Morning Joe”—even before it became decidedly enemy territory, given that the ringleader Mr. Scarborough has made no secret of his affinity for her potential challenger, Harold Ford Jr. But a spokesperson for Ms. Gillibrand told Politico that the women will be having lunch, and that they’d like to get her on the show.

In the meantime, she’ll be doing a Facebook video chat this afternoon.

Gillibrand Might Be ‘Showing Her Stuff’ on Morning Joe