Gillibrand on Ford Meeting, Mort Mulling

After a “cordial” meeting with Harold Ford Jr. last night at a dinner gala hosted by New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand left before her would-be opponent’s keynote address because she had to get back for an early appearance on “Good Day New York.”

“You know, we were cordial,” Ms. Gillibrand said on the show this morning. “I just said, ‘How you doing?’ He said, ‘fine.’ That was it. Harold Ford is welcome to move from Tennessee and come here and run,” she said.

And, apparently, so is Mort Zuckerman.

“Whoever wants to run is welcome to run. I’m going to run a tough race on my record,” Ms. Gillibrand said.

“He’s got a very bad record on issues that are fundamental to New Yorkers,” she said of Mr. Ford, who has been criticized by some liberal groups for his stances on gay rights and abortion.

Ms. Gillibrand was, ostensibly, on the program to talk about the Senate’s push to create jobs. “The biggest concern New Yorkers have right now is the economy and jobs,” she said.

On that, Ms. Gillibrand and Mr. Ford seem to agree.

“The press and the pundits are focused on carpetbagging and some of the politics around it,” Mr. Ford told David Gregory on “Meet The Press” yesterday, “but people in New York are expressing the same concerns that have been–that we’ve been expressing around the table. There’s a big concern about health care but a bigger concern about the economy and jobs.”

  Gillibrand on Ford Meeting, Mort Mulling