Going Door to Door

One more thing about the point Jake Menges raised in his affidavit, alleging that Debi Rose got an unfair advantage when received discounted help from the Working Families Party.

Menges, a political operative who worked for Rudy Giuliani, wrote to the court that “in my years as a political consultant, I have never heard of any campaign identifying voters by means of a door canvassing operation.”

Democratic consultants disagreed.

“Door to door campaigning and canvassing are excellent methods of voter contact and communication and should generally result in higher turnout levels for those so directly contacted,” wrote Hank Sheinkopf, in an email.

Evan Stavisky, a Democratic consultant who worked against Rose and declined to comment specifically about this race, said that, in general, door-knocking has its benefits.

“Having advised 70 or more successful candidates for office, in my experience door to door outreach is an essential tool in the modern political arsenal, whether done by a candidate or by paid or volunteer canvassers. Smart campaigns put boots on the ground to identify and mobilize supporters.”


Going Door to Door