Why are these hipsters so unhappy?

Sometimes it’s the simplest of blog concepts that turn out the best, and so it is with Unhappy Hipsters—a painfully clever site that pairs photographs of attractive people living in modern splendor with captions written from the perspective that its subjects are actually suffering from some sort of existential despair.

The pictures—thus far—are taken from the modern design magazine Dwell (which hopefully employs a staff with a sense of humor). A photograph of a woman gazing out into the distance from her glassed-in balcony has been captioned “It was unclear how her life had become so riddled with obvious metaphors”; a couple relaxing on two deck chairs while a child with an unreadable expression sits on a rock in the foreground bears the caption “Maybe naming him Rimbaud wasn’t such a good idea,”; a man sitting at a table while a figure climbs the stairs behind him reads, simply, “Everyone always leaves.” We’re counting the minutes till we hear about the book.

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