Hey, Sarah, how’s that crib-notes palmy thing workin’out for ya?

I enjoy traveling the right-wing talk circuit a bit here and there (mostly there), to see just what the Conservatoids are saying now and then on their side of the political aisle. I have met some interestingly friendly folks locally like Michael Illions of Conservatives With Attitude (www.gopusanj.com) and the now-Senator Michael Doherty, whose military service and family sacrifice (he and his wife have three sons in the military, [two overseas, I believe]) is second to none. And Americans for Prosperity’s own Steve Lonegan, who is actually quite funny in his own Right. BTW, Mr. Lonegan’s group recently gave grades to all NJ’s legislators for their work in the 2008-2009 session. To illustrate the credibility of such grading, Mr. Lonegan gave Fs to all those with a D next to their names. 

At the Right-Online Con in Pittsburgh last year, I got to meet and greet the likes of Joe The Plumber, Michelle Malkin, and Grover Norquist. I am writing a ‘one-man show’ of my experiences there tentatively titled “Wingman: How I Survived Three Days of Right-Wing Peace and Love”. But more on that later. But, I digress.

The recent appearance of Sarah Palin at the overly-media covered Tea Party Con  has rooted her as the new darling of the Conservatoids. And as she gears herself for a presidential run from the Right, we can be sure we will see her more and more. Ironically, as she criticized the President for his use of a teleprompter during speeches, she was carefully looking at her own hand for her crib notes.

Palin had the words “energy,” “tax cuts,” and “lift American spirits” written in marker on her hand. Maybe she’s ready for an interview with Katie Couric now. Don’t really understand the Conservatoid’s obsession with the Obama-Teleprompter issue—”Oh, my God! The President was speaking from notes!…. OK, we get it —-you don’t like Obama. What’s next? “Oh, my God! Did you see Obama had to look at the stairs as he descended from Air Force One!” Everything he supports is ‘Evil’, and everything he’s against is ‘Good’. Got it. Buh-bye. 

Anyway, I will continue to observe NJ’s Right-Wing, and report now and then on their goings-on. 


Hey, Sarah, how’s that crib-notes palmy thing workin’out for ya?