How to Spot a Plagiarist

The Times published an editor’s note in today’s paper detailing how some of business reporter Zachery Kouwe’s articles and DealBook posts appear to use language taken from The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, “and other sources” without attribution.

The Times calls this “a serious violation”; it does not, however, call it “plagiarism.” The paper instead explores a variety of alternative ways to describe the situation:

– Kouwe “improperly appropriated wording and passages published by other news organizations.”

– Kouwe “reused language.”

– His articles displayed “extensive similarities” to previously published work.

– In fact “several passages are repeated almost exactly.”

– There was “extensive overlap.”

– Kouwe was pretty much “copying language directly from other news organizations without providing attribution.”

According to The Times, “the matter remains under investigation.” How to Spot a Plagiarist