In Vogue, Geithner Strikes a Charming Pose

With his reputation still suffering from those bank bailouts–and Democrats worrying that he could be a liability in the upcoming midterms–Tim Geithner is trying to manifest a charm offensive. So where does a gruff Treasury Secretary start softening up?

Vogue, of course.

The embattled Mr. Geithner will grace the pages of Anna Wintour’s famous fashion magazine next month in a profile written by contributing editor Rebecca Johnson.

Politico has some excerpts:

“A lithe and athletic 48 years old, Geithner … has the kind of looks that can go either way: Half an inch one way he’s John F. Kennedy; half an inch the other he’s Lyle Lovett. In person, he’s friendly, relaxed, and prone to making jokes at his own expense—the first thing he tells me when we sit down is how much ‘shit’ he’s going to get from his friends for doing an interview with Vogue. … Geithner … is very smart, very angry, and more than a little relieved that the economy did not tank further than it has. Indeed, as bad as things look today, it could have been worse. A lot worse. ‘We were starting to have a classic bank run, people were starting to take their money out of banks, something that hadn’t happened since the Great Depression.’” 

Ms. Johnson has written about political figures before. She profiled Sarah Palin in February 2008–before the Alaska governor was a national star–and, the year before, wrote about a would-be first lady, Michelle Obama (with whom Mr. Geithner went shopping last week).

Mr. Geithner apparently can’t shake being a little irascible. According to Politico, he complains to Vogue about this Daily Show bit, when a crew showed up to his Larchmont home and apparently scared his kids.

In Vogue, Geithner Strikes a Charming Pose