Items! Chuck Scarborough Pranks, Anthony Weiner Rants

Chuck Scarborough is not above disrupting someone’s wedding night.

Anthony Weiner says every Republican he has ever met in his entire life “is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.”

Manly cupcakes are the new road to financial security.

Goldman Sachs likes short-selling more now than it did a couple years ago.

Andrew Cuomo made sure you don’t have to drive your busted Toyota.

Another example of the new nice.

Curbed finds the most expensive railroad apartment in the city.

Business Insider is giving you “the real reason” for a lot of things.

Ben Bernanke is confounded by Ron Paul.

The Wall Street Journal analyzes costs and rewards of fashion shows.

Avenue Q scandalizes Colorado Springs.

Using “water-cooler chat” as a metaphor makes television executives feel good about the internet.

In an inevitable development, there are now Chatroulette Missed Connections. Ex: “You were the cute brunette at a party; I was naked torso-down and stroking my wang.” Items! Chuck Scarborough Pranks, Anthony Weiner Rants