Items! Fonts, Hoodlums, Memphis

The history of The Times‘ font.

Colin Powell is with the rest of the brass on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Charlie Rangel isn’t sure about Harold Ford Jr., since he hasn’t been to Memphis in awhile.

Mr. Ford is giving some speeches, making some money out of state.

Clarence Thomas defends the Court’s campaign finance decision.

The Washington Post puts The Power Broker at the top of its political books list.

Howard Wolfson has a few additional suggestions.

The Upper East Side gets a new (public) school.

Would you make the cut at Bloomberg?

The Met’s in debt.

The hoodlums of reality television invade Fashion Week.

A Giacometti wins the record for highest art price at auction: $92.5 million. Items! Fonts, Hoodlums, Memphis