Times Goes For the Slow-Play With Its Big Paterson Story

Last night, the paper finally put up the ace it was presumably holding all along—a Paterson bombshell suggesting that the governor may have been complicit in trying to cover up an assault by his aide and driver. (The paper even suckered him into defending the aide, David Johnson, after they wrote the first, relatively innocuous piece last week.) Surely, The Times has now played its Paterson hand. Right?

Azi Paybarah is covering the fallout on PolitickerNY:

Paterson Mum on His Talk With Alleged Victim

NOW-NYS to Paterson: Come Clean

Rep. Israel Calls on Paterson to NOT Seek Election

Everything else pales this morning—including the weather, which is currently dumping a wet, white blanket that could be a foot thick. Good curling conditions! Apparently, New Yorkers are flocking to that most curious of winter sports. And, for all the irony involved in talking about a sport that primarily centers on sweeping, it could actually determine who walks away with the most golds.

Two ways to stay warm are both under siege. You could have a drink—though the city says it is bad for you and it might be taxing them soon—or one of those Montreal bagels they sell in Brooklyn, which the Daily News calls a “crime against the culture of your city.”

Things are predictably dry in D.C. The president defended himself against CEO’s yesterday and today he sits down with Republicans for this much ballyhooed health care summit, even while he formulates a backup plan. Toyota is still reeling; and Hummer is apparently dead.




Times Goes For the Slow-Play With Its Big Paterson Story