Kimmel Jokes About Paterson


In his monologue last night, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at Governor David Paterson. To be more precise, at Paterson’s blindness.

At the 8-minute mark, Kimmel starts in on Paterson. “I love that a blind guy can’t be satisfied by one woman,” he says at one point. “Really? Is variety really that important, when you can’t tell the difference between an elevator and a closet?”

Kimmel also joked about the much-rumored New York Times profile, which hasn’t yet been published, “but I guess he doesn’t know that,” Kimmel said.

The host also doctored footage of Paterson’s interview on the Don Imus show, replacing the governor’s microphone with a carrot, a doll, and then three sticks of dynamite that explode, leaving Paterson’s face covered in ash.

The jokes resemble the cartoon on Page Six today.


Kimmel Jokes About Paterson