Madam Governor

To the slate of candidates bucking the national anti-finance mood and touting their Wall Street experience, add one more name.

“I worked 10 years in finance,” alleged Spitzer-madam Kristin Davis told a Libertarian group last week, according to the Daily News. “I was vice president of a hedge fund. I went on to build a multimillion-dollar business from scratch.”

She expanded on her blog. “Unlike any of the other candidates for governor I have created jobs and made a payroll. I am certainly more qualified than the losers and hacks we have in Albany now!” she wrote.

Ms. Davis, with the help of infamous operative Roger Stone, had previously pledged to run against Eliot Spitzer if the former governor decided it wasn’t too soon to seek elected office. But now, Ms. Davis appears to be going for either the Libertarian nomination, or might try to petition her way onto the ballot under her own Personal Freedom Party [corrected], regardless of Mr. Spitzer’s plans.

“This started out being about Spitzer,” admitted Stone, who in 2007 tipped off the FBI to Spitzer’s hooker habit. “But now that it looks like he won’t run, Kristin still wants to use her celebrity to highlight a reform agenda.”

In addition to her finance experience, Ms. Davis said she would like to legalize prostitution, marijuana and gay marriage.

UPDATE: Mr. Stone emailed to correct an earlier version of this post, which stated Ms. Davis might seek the Republican nomination. “Because the terms of her probation prohibit her from associating with any individuals of dubious character I have not allowed her to meet any New York state legislators,” Mr. Stone wrote, by way of explanation. The Observer regrets the error. Madam Governor