Manzo settles lawsuit filed by fundraiser

Faced with another delay in her lawsuit against former Assemblyman Louis Manzo (D-Jersey City), who is under federal indictment on corruption allegations, fundraiser Dannielle Leigh accepted a $10,000 settlement yesterday. 

Leigh, who raised money for Manzo’s unsuccessful 2007 Democratic primary bid for state senate, had hoped that the trial – the culmination of a lawsuit that has dragged on for several years – would begin yesterday.  But she was told that no judge would be available to preside over it for several months.

“It was either take a settlement now or wait three months. That’s chasing a ghost, because even if I got a judgment – which I’m sure I would have – I would have to then get it from him, and who’s to say then how long that would take.”

In August, an arbitrator ruled that Manzo should pay Leigh over $23,000, but he appealed the decision. 

Manzo, a five time Jersey City mayoral candidate, and his brother, Ronald, were arrested in July for allegedly accepting $27,500 in bribes from an FBI informant posing as a crooked developer. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office planned to subpoena documents relating to Leigh’s civil suit against Manzo, according to Leigh attorney Bryan Nazor. 

Nazor said that Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Gramaccioni, who is the lead prosecutor on Manzo’s case, contacted him on Tuesday.

“I requested that I resolve this matter first and I’d be happy to speak to him. He agreed for the moment not to subpoena anything I have in my files or the testimony,” said Nazor.  “I could get a phone call any day now.”

Nazor said that he will probably not resist a subpoena. Manzo settles lawsuit filed by fundraiser