Monserrate Joins the ‘Yes We Can’ Party

Hiram Monserrate–the Queens state senator who was expelled from that august body a few weeks ago–is back on the ballot, in a special election for the same seat from which he was just removed.

But since the Democratic Party has all but forsaken the convicted reckless endangerer, who cameras caught dragging his girlfriend through a hallway, Mr. Monserrate is running on a new ballot line of his own invention, the Daily Politics noticed.

Well, sort of his own invention; Mr. Monserrate has co-opted the ever-popular ‘Yes We Can,’ which helped coalesce a legendary farmworkers strike in California, and then served as the catchphrase to elect the first black president.

The special election is on March 16, when Mr. Monserrate hopes he and whoever else can “defend the rights of the voters and never [allow] their vote to be disenfranchised,” as he put it in a statement. Monserrate Joins the ‘Yes We Can’ Party