Morning Read: Arroyo Hides, Parker Apologizes, Silver Hedges

David Paterson blamed Eliot Spitzer.

It’s “highly unlikely” that Sheldon Silver will support Paterson’s selection of AEG for development of the Aqueduct.

Paterson’s spokesman said there’s nothing to hide about the selection process.

Manhattan Democrats endorse Kirsten Gillibrand.

Daily News reporter David Saltonstall reportedly gave a ride to a Gillibrand tracker, who was following Harold Ford Jr.

Malcolm Smith’s member items got subpoenaed.

The investigation is focusing on a group called New Direction.

Board of Election commissioners got subpoenaed too.

Hiram Monserrate gets a hearing next week.

Probe suspect Carmen Arroyo is in hiding: “Arroyo spent much of yesterday at City Hall ducking reporters who wanted to ask whether she was under investigation.” And “At one point, she hid in the members’ lounge as security guards ordered reporters to leave a nearby public area. The reporters refused, and staffers for Council Speaker Christine Quinn later apologized for the guards’ improper conduct.”

“I have no comment no matter what you ask,” said Arroyo.

Kevin Parker reportedly apologized to Diane Savino, and described his tiff with her as “no big deal.”

The Daily News disagrees.

Domenic Rechia says he knows how to work with the mayor.

The mayor of Monticello was arrested for selling knock-off sneakers.

But he’s still smiling.

And Bill Clinton would have had a heart attack, but didn’t.

Morning Read: Arroyo Hides, Parker Apologizes, Silver Hedges