Morning Read: Colbert and Ford


After being fined, Maura Keaney was hired by the city’s Education Department. She also provided more information to investigators than to The New York Times about the fund-raiser she organized.

She’ll be paid $143,000 per year.

Harold Ford, when asked if he got a bonus from Merrill Lynch: “I can say that I fulfilled the contract and was paid per the terms of the contract.”

Here’s Stephen Colbert and Harold Ford.

Colbert: “Evidently, six minutes at my interview table counts as New York State residency.”

Colbert challenged Ford to find Schenectady on a map.

Amy Siskind and Marcia Pappas hit Ford for being sexist, and hiring Davidson Goldin.

The Post questions Kirsten Gillibrand’s claim that she was early calling for the K.S.M. trial to be moved out of N.Y.C.

The Suffolk County Democratic Leader praised Ford, but is sticking with Gillibrand.

David Paterson doesn’t have much money.

Bramhall underscores the point.

Chuck Schumer’s biggest drop in popularity is in New York City.

Brian Kolb wants a People’s Convention.

Steve Levy won’t rule out an independent run for governor.

Levy blended Koch and Giuliani rhetorical styles, says Dan Janison.

Dennis Walcott writes: “Continuing to send students to failing schools” is “a fundamental violation of the civil rights of our children of color and their families.”

Bill Bratton returns.

Gatemouth warns Reshma Saujani may inaccurately reflect Carolyn Maloney’s liberal record.

George Gresham supports taxing bank bonuses.

Micah Kellner wants to bar sex-off from certain jobs.

Will Bloomberg keep his Broadway traffic experiment?

The Observer-Dispatch questions whether Mike Arcuri has enough campaign cash.

Dan Garodnick, kudos.

Bill Hammond wants non-partisan redistricting.

Fewer cops?

AMNew York makes it the wood.

The 81st Precinct is being eyed for manipulating crime statistics.

The Daily News make it their wood.

The cop who blew the whistle on this was committed to a psychiatric unit for two weeks against his will.

And the K.S.M. trial is “not off the table” for New York City.

  Morning Read: Colbert and Ford