Morning Read: Dividing Upstate, Addressing Colbert

Who doesn’t love Scott Brown?

Hillary’s shoe!

Harold Ford is going on the “Colbert Report” tonight, according to Mike Lupica.

The Post edit page demands answers from Michael Bloomberg on his unusual way of sending money to some political operatives.

Andrew Cuomo has support from some upstate Democratic chairmen.

The support for Cuomo was “overwhelming,” said booster Jonathan Jacobson.

Page Six has a story about why security was changed at the governor’s mansion.

Ken Lovett says the upstate chairmen were “split” between Cuomo and David Paterson.

Black Democrats met to discuss Paterson’s chances of winning the  election. Paterson promised to raise $8 million for his race.

“Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand insists she’s no Martha Coakley.”

David Plouffe will headline a February 22 fund-raiser for Gillibrand.

Gillibrand and Ford, still fighting.

Gale Brewer is definitely not supporting Ford.

Republican candidate Bruce Blakeman didn’t mention Gillibrand by name.

Gillibrand buys Google ad space against Ford’s name.

Gillibrand will be endorsed by Dick Gottfried “who was first elected to the Assembly the year Ford was born.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s Democratic challenger kicked off her campaign.

Vito Fossella’s allies move over to Mike Grimm’s campaign.

Greg Meeks and Malcolm Smith come under scrutiny for a nonprofit they fund. “[I]t appears to operate to the benefit of Meeks and a state Senator named Malcolm Smith, and much of the money it has raised is simply unaccounted for,” says the National Legal and Policy Center.

The Post has more on the Meeks and Smith story.

Bill de Blasio endorsed Joe Lazar for City Council.

John Liu predicts tax hikes.

Meet comptroller candidate Harry Wilson.

Steve Levy goes after the Conservative Party.

And Robert Zimmerman says Joe Mondello’s stock is hot.


Morning Read: Dividing Upstate, Addressing Colbert