Morning Read: Ford Banks, Paterson Dangles

Merril Lynch paid Harold Ford at least $2 million annually, “regardless of how he and his firm perform.”

The Post front-page editorial tells David Paterson to step down.

The Daily News front page editorial wants “Paterson to step down immediately.”

It’s the lead column on The Times front page.

The Times notes “no prominent Democrat called for Mr. Paterson to resign.”

Morelle floats the idea.

Richard Brodsky: Allegations go to “the question of fitness to serve.”

Bill de Blasio says Paterson should end his campaign.

Paterson is keeping an “open mind.”

Paterson’s other awkward phone call, to Cuomo.

Rick Lazio’s question to Cuomo gets traction.

Melissa Mark Viverito wants Paterson to fire Corbitt.

‘Lonesome Guv.’

‘Paterson vows to stay in election campaign.’

Vielkind: “The story seemed to evaporate almost all remaining political support for the governor.”

Henican: “All that’s left in his campaign is the official withdrawal speech.”

Fink and Ngo: “[H]is political future all but destroyed.”

Times Union wants Paterson to talk.

Charlie Rangel broke ethics rules.

Steve Levy takes a beating at home.

Paterson is not front page news in Buffalo.

Nor in Niagara. Morning Read: Ford Banks, Paterson Dangles