Morning Read: Meeting with Flake, Overheard on the Acela, Dodging the Press

Orin Kramer, who’s backing Harold Ford, said: “The appetite for change that helped produce Barack Obama’s presidency is even deeper today.”

Ford avoids being labeled “anti-choice.”

Chuck Schumer campaigns for majority leader, quietly.

Someone tried to blackmail Tom DiNapoli.

Jim Dwyer has a scathing account of Maura Keaney’s activities.

Michael Bloomberg didn’t know where some of his campaign money was going.

Andrew Cuomo can’t dodge the press in Tonawanda.

Former Republican Rep. Tom Reynolds donated to Cuomo.

Paterson awarded a contract to Floyd Flake’s company. Paterson summoned Flake to his office and they discussed the governor’s race. Flake said it was their first conversation in two years.

Paterson vetoed the ethics bill, moving even further away from the legislature.

There’s probably not enough votes to override the veto.

Paterson: “I realize that if I sign this bill into law, the leaders of the Legislature will celebrate their achievement and the Legislature will not address the broken ethics system again this year.”

Richie Fife isn’t providing Fred Dicker with a list of prominent Democrats supporting Paterson.

Bill Lynch’s conversation with Paterson was overhead on the Acela to D.C.

Stachowski, Valesky and Aubertine have concerns about the Schneiderman amendment.

Sam Hoyt needs to pick up his fund-raising.

Dick Gottfried and Dov Hikind spend a lot.

“Look out, America: President Obama is coming for your money.”

Lisa Colengelo said Bloomberg and Paterson’s budget will probably be amended, but will result in service cuts and job losses.

Hiram Monserrate, next week.

Joel Klein wants to make it easier to fire teachers.

Bill Perkins confronts charter-school supporters.

Hempstead wants to rollback their pay hikes for lawmakers.

And Stephen Colbert’s quip about Schenectady is front page news.

Morning Read: Meeting with Flake, Overheard on the Acela, Dodging the Press