Morning Read: Paterson Is Optimistic, Silver Is Patient

Remembering Erinn Phelan.

Anthony Weiner and Charlie Rangel see progress on the health care bill.

Pete King is unimpressed.

Rick Lazio’s lead over David Paterson is above the fold.

The A.P. also carries the story.

Paterson is optimistic.

Sheldon Silver is patient.

Steve Levy snubbed, again.

Carolyn Maloney and Reshma Saujani split a woman’s group.

Harry Kresky wants nonpartisan elections.

Liotti eyes McCarthy’s seat.

Add Fitzpatrick to the G.O.P. scrum for Bishop’s seat.

Gordon Burrows hangs in, for now.

Helen Sears vows a return.

Bonuses up 17 percent.

ACORN is now New York Communities for Change.

The W.F.P. and Data & Field Services split.

Eli Manning gets thousands from cash-strapped hospital.

Haberman ruminates on lieutenant governors.

Keating wants more from Quinn’s business plan.

Garodnick wants Bloomberg’s help in Stuy-Town.

Debi Rose settles.

Dinallo travels.

Aqueduct, unpopular.

Hammond: stop pork.

Monserrate, defiant.

Schmidt, reverses.

Schumer bumps along.

Cy Vance dines.

Oddo and Ignizio for Blakeman.

The Post hits DJ for taking football tickets.

Expect MTA layoffs.

Shorten parades by 25 percent.

It’ll save $3 million.

New Orleans people are still unhappy with Greg Meeks and Malcolm Smith.

Vocational high schools, spared.

And pictured above is Michael Bloomberg and Charlie Rangel at a recent event celebrating Black History Month.

  Morning Read: Paterson Is Optimistic, Silver Is Patient