Morning Read: Spitzer’s Advice, Lazio’s Enthusiasm

Eliot Spitzer may be advising David Paterson.

Paterson may delay tax refunds, because of lawmakers.

Lawmakers aren’t happy.

An insurance eligibility audit is giving some people headaches.

Glenn Blain sets expectations for Paterson’s kick-off, which is delayed.

Michael Bloomberg is at 61 percent.

“Hate the incumbents.”

Rick Lazio “can feel the enthusiasm bubbling.”

Read Christine Quinn’s Tweets today.

Jonathan Lippman is no Judith Kaye.

Pedro Espada’s tenant bill angers…tenants.

A voter asks Steve Levy: “Are you the loneliest guy in the Democrat Party?”

Mark Weprin walks a fine line.

Al Sharpton’s daughter was reportedly punched in the face by her boyfriend.

Term limits!

Scott Murphy’s return is front-page news.

Obama makes environmentalists unhappy.

Michael Goodwin wonders why Bloomberg is quiet.

Morning Read: Spitzer’s Advice, Lazio’s Enthusiasm