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Josh Abramson– College Humor, President of Connected Ventures

Lockhart Steele– head honcho at Eater, Racked, Curbed and Gridskipper. Sadly, a rabid Red Sox fan

Ricky Van Veen– co-founder and now editor in chief of College Humor, hired Anna Wintour’s daughter as intern

Jeremy Philips– NewsCorp deal-maker, king of its digital strategy

Dan Allen– principal at Bain Capital, man about town, co-organizes Founders Club

Sam Lessin– triathlon running, heli-skiing 25-year-old founder of file sharing startup

Ben Lerer– Thrillist, the cool guy’s newsletter, and son of HuffPo’s Ken Lerer

Mo Koyfman– Spark Capital partner responsible for Connected Ventures/IAC deal and host of Katie Lee Joel’s Hamptons Burger Bash

Kevin Kearney– media-centric design house Hard Candy Shell, shares Cooper Sq office space with Four Square and Curbed

Dennis Crowley– foursquare, maybe the Twitter killer

Ben Leventhal– the other Eater guy, recently fled for NBC

Kevin Ryan– Engineering brains behind New York’s first profitable startup, Gilt Groupe

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