Nazi Imagery in Queens Race

When’s the last time a mailer went out on behalf of a mainstream (somewhat boring, even!) political candidate in New York that contained a picture of a swastika?

Because here’s one instance, apparently, in a mailer accusing Republican City Council candidate Bob Friedrich of not being tough enough on hate crimes. The mailer quotes Freidrich saying “all crimes are hate crimes,” a position that the mailer calls “outrageous.”

The return address on the literature is 205-07 Hillside Avenue, which is used by Friedrich’s opponent in the race, Democrat David Weprin. That should be taken for what it’s worth: I left messages for Weprin and Weprin’s campaign manager asking for confirmation that it’s their mailer, but still haven’t heard back.

Freidrich and Weprin are running in a special election in eastern Queens for the Assembly seat vacated by Weprin’s brother Mark, who is now in the City Council. The district contains a substantial number of Jewish voters.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Weprin’s campaign, Corey Bearak, said their campaign sent the mail, and that including the campaign’s headquarters in the return address was “sufficient.”

“It seemed to make sense that the focus should be on Friedrich,” Bearak said.

UPDATE II: Bearak sends this additional statement:
It’s not offensive to make sure people know just how extreme
Republican-Conservative Bob Friedrich is; this extremist opposes hate
crimes legislation – it’s offensive that Republican Bob Friedrich
actually opposes hate crimes legislation. Crimes driven by
anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia and other prejudices deserve special
attention and warrant extra-tough penalties. As a Jewish community
leader who speaks out against anti-Semitism and other hate and it’s
outrageous that an extremist like Friedrich, who is also anti-gun
control and against Roe v. Wade, would run for office in our
community. He will be rejected on February 9th.


Nazi Imagery in Queens Race