Do not miss this perfect news parody

File this one under viral-video-hits-not-to-be-missed: This BBC clip from Newswipe With Charlie Brooker is a hilarious, pitch-perfect dissection of a typical news segment.

The two-minute takedown begins, in Brooker’s words, with “a lackluster establishing shot of a significant location” and continues on to tick off the clichéd hallmarks recognizable to anyone who’s ever watched the evening news: the emphatic hand gestures; the use of video to “give your eyes something to look at while my voice babbles on about facts”; a selection of people-on-the-street giving their opinion; a human interest element; charts and figures; and the eventual wry sign-off. Apparently, news programs in England can be as ludicrous as they are on this side of the pond. Better watch out, Daily Show.

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